Colour Previewers 3" x 3" (7.5cm x 7.5cm) set of 12

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These colour preveiwers are durable,waterproof and colourfast and can be used for Water colour, Transparent Oils, liquid Acrylics , they can be laid over dry work to see, (before applying the paint) if another wash/glaze is needed or another colour to change the hue .

I'm sure every Artist has wondered what another wash/glaze will look like on top of a previously painted work, now you can do just that, try before you apply, or if using single pigment layers, what another colour will look like on top of the previously applied colour, with single glazes of different colour this helps with the decision making.

I find these a wonderful extension to my own painting process, it has taken out the guess work .The set of colors are gradated and transparent in color so that the Artist can see through to the previous layers.

They are approximatly 3x3 inch or 7.5x7.5 cm color area.
The 12 colors are suitable for any Artist palette as they contain cool and warm pigments of Primary Pigment colours which would be compatible with whichever brands you prefer.
-Aureolin Modern
-Indian Yellow        
-Translucent Orange
-Phthalo Blue
-Ultramarine Blue
-Phthalo Green b/s
-Sap Green
-Alizarin Crimson
-Ruby Red/Perm Rose
-Purple Magenta
-Scarlet Red
-Payne's grey bluish

What Customers have said about this product..

Mati from California
I bought a set of these transparencies from Marylka and they are great.  So easy to use.  The wonderful thing too is that they are waterproof.  Let me encourage you all to get a set.

Thanks Marylka.

Renee From Oregon US

Thank you so much Marylka! I'm so pleased, I cannot tell you! Mine came in the mail today and they are wonderful. The best I have seen. They look much better in real life than the photos. I saw many photos of them but the real deal is so much more impressive. They work like a charm too and will do all that it said they will do. Marylka, your claims are on target. You are a genius to think up the graded degree of tonal value of the hues in each one of them. Then that fabulous key ring to put them on. You will never lose them. These Glazing previewers look great in a photo but you cannot even imagine how good until you get them in your hand. ;)
Everything Linda said is right on.
Linda from UK
 oh your viewer is a god send
i sat here last night  going over some of my paintings and i could have gone a lot darker than i have done in most of them
I'm really pleased i have got the viewer it does solve the problem at a glance.
i can see it being as important as my paints and brushes
thank you
 its true credit where credit is due.............
I'm delighted with mine as you can gather.......  I'm sure that the other's will be saying the same

It's a big thumbs up to you for giving us the viewer well done happy bunny here and well worth every penny spent.

I received the colour previews, thanks so much.  I'm sure it is going to be a valuable tool for me - what a great idea.


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