About me  
I first started painting in water colour around 2005, after much experimentation with different styles I discovered my passion for realism.
I am mainly self taught with the aids of books and DVD’s for inspiration. I have attended several workshops along the way, an execptional one was with Susan Harrison Tustain  who is a wonderful International Artist and tutor .
I belong to Bankstown Art Society where I have entered  my work and have won several Art awards.  
 In my work I use the best quality Art paper 140 lb 300 gsm and Artist quality pigments mostly Schmincke and Winsor & Newton in transparent & semi- transparent to achieve a luminous effect in my work.


I have recently developed my Colour Previewers that can be used for Water colour, Transparent Oils, liquid Acrylics, with these I can lay them on my dry work and see, before I apply the paint if another wash/glaze is needed or another colour to change the hue.
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